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How to improve the quality of Fused Cast AZS Block

Le 18 November 2016, 10:49 dans Humeurs 0

The composition of the fused cast AZS block: baddeleyite, corundum, a small amount of mullite, glass phase and porosity. In order to reduce and eliminate the residual thermal stress, in the products, need to have a certain amount of glass phase, as absorber to buffer thermal stress. However, fused cast AZS block resistance to erosion in glass phase is the weak link, in the process of erosion, the first is the seepage of glass phase, and with high temperature glass melt replacement, and then to crystal phase accelerated erosion.

Glass phase in high temperature conditions will happen leakage and send out air bubbles, and then pollute the glass melt. The segregation phenomenon of fused cast AZS block also reflected in the glass phase. In fused cast AZS block content of 33 #, 36 #, 41 # series products, the glass phase content is 20 ℅ - 14 ℅, so their effects on the quality of fused cast AZS block can not be ignored.

AZS three elements of alumina oxide, zirconia oxide, silicon oxide do not exist glass phase in theory, even if there is a small amount of impurities, when not adding alkaline oxides, glass phase is rarely. In production due to introduction of alkaline oxide (sodium oxide) and prompted most silicon oxide into the glass phase.

Sodium oxide (parcel potassium oxide) and silica oxide and alumina oxide constitute the backbone of the glass phase. Sodium oxide content in the raw material reduced from 1.37 ℅ to 0.65%, significantly reduce the number of the glass phase, reduced from the original 21.5 ℅ to 12 ℅. Increase of sodium content obviously reduced viscosity of glass phase. Sodium content is less than 1 ℅, is an ideal range.


Iron oxide, titanium, calcium, magnesium and other impurities from raising glass phase performance and reducing the pollution perspective  to soluble glass, the quantity is the less, the better. An increase in the number of these will add to the amount of glass phase, at the same time reduce the glass phase viscosity, not only pollute the glass products and affect the service life of the products. Control the ferric oxide and titanium content is less than 0.2 ℅. 

How to Improve the Service Life of Refractory Brick

Le 17 November 2016, 10:28 dans Humeurs 0

Refractory brick is also called firebrick. It is the refractory material with a certain shape and size. According to the preparation method, it can be divided into the burnt brick, air brick, refractory insulating brick. According to the shape and size, it can be divided into standard brick, ordinary brick, and other abnormal shape brick. It can be used as a building kiln and various thermal technology equipment of high temperature building materials and structure materials, and under high temperature can withstand various physical and chemical changes and mechanical action. Refractory brick is the most important refractory material, the lining plate of rotary kiln adopts refractory brick, choose suitable refractory brick, the correct and reasonable use of firebrick, plus maintenance in place is the key to improve the service life of refractory brick, so how to improve the service life of refractory brick?

1. Choose high quality refractory brick, high quality refractory brick can significantly improve the service life of refractory brick.

2. Using the correct construction method, high quality of stack is the key to improve the service life of refractory brick.

3. New stack of refractory brick strictly control the temperature of warming and cooling, not heating or cooling too quickly, causes the damage of refractory brick.


4. According to different needs, choose unstudied refractory brick, different kinds of refractory brick, concrete performance index has certain difference, so according to the actual need, choose suitable refractory brick.

What are the protection measures of Refractory Materials?

Le 16 November 2016, 05:12 dans Humeurs 0

After buying refractory materials, need to take protective measures

Brick for the factory timely, prevent the refractory material be affected with damp or the storage time is too long. Brick process, by drop horn, lack of edge, surface cracks, brick shape is not the whole of the brick, firmly don't apply, and control over the quality of masonry, eventually to examine the masonry work. In order to ensure the quality of masonry.

In the normal production, to maintain the kiln brick, in fact is the maintenance of kiln, adhere to the working condition of safe, maintain good kiln, demand maintenance measures, summed up the following:

1. To strengthen the maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment, strengthen post personnel, workshop technical personnel's inspection, found the problem timely to adjust processing, to ensure the integrity rate of the equipment and operation efficiency.

2. 2. To strengthen the technical operation, optimized operation parameters, stable thermal principle, working condition of safe system, reduce volatility, prevent the system from open and stop again and again.

3. Complete the system air leakage sealing, safe feeding into the kiln raw meal feed rate.

4. Choose low temperature calcination technology, control the differentiation of furnace outlet temperature is 870 ~ 880 , the outlet exhaust gas temperature control in 300 ~ 330 .

5. Safe ingredients plan, control the raw ingredients.

6. Control suitable pulverized coal fineness and moisture .

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