In some industries, corundum brick has a very important role. In the work process, the raw materials used are abundant, and the supply is very convenient, in terms of manufacturing process, either by production technology of traditional refractory materials production producing corundum refractory materials, can also use the method of spun out of the traditional ceramic to produce special refractory materials, namely high temperature ceramic, So go through half a century of development and production, now production technology becomes mature gradually, and variety is also growing, has become the most widely application scope of refractory materials, its purposes are as follows:

1. Due to the performances of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, used for casting steel slide gate, smelting rare metals, special alloy, high purity metal, glass, wire drawing and production of laser glass crucible and vessels. All kinds of high temperature furnace, such as refractory materials, ceramics, blast furnace lining (wall and pipe), physical and chemical vessels, spark plugs, heat-resistant oxidation coating. The low silicon sintering corundum brick that SiO2 is less than 0.5% is carbon black, boron chemical, chemical fertilizer, ammonia reactor of the gasifier and special lining.

2. Because of the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance, high strength, in the chemical industry system, used for all kinds of reaction vessel and pipe, chemical pump parts. To do mechanical parts, all kinds of mold, such as wire drawing die, such as pencil lead mold mouth and so on. To do abrasive, bulletproof material and human body joint, seal ring, etc.

3. Because of the high temperature insulation, may be used as the set of thermocouple wire pipe and protection,  the insulation porcelain used in atomic reactor, and other high temperature insulation parts, such as platinum - rhodium thermocouple even up to 1720 is airtight.

4. Al2O3 belongs to ionic crystals, the structure is very stable. Used under high frequency, high pressure and high temperature, the insulation is still good, and the loss is not big, dielectric constant is not big, in the electronic industry, widely used in solid substrate integrated pipe, casing, porcelain carriage, microwave window, radar antenna cover, etc.

5. The gas tightness of corundum products is good, it is rigor and airtight even if under high temperature. Therefore is widely used in electric vacuum, for example, use corundum to make various large tube shell, dual-in-line package in solid microcircuit dual-in-line package to sealing shell.


6. Corundum insulation materials, such as corundum light brick, alumina hollow ball and fiber products, widely used in various high temperature furnaces of furnace wall and furnace top, high temperature resistant and heat preservation.