Fused Cast AZS firstly needs to understand the following factors before selection:

1. The service life period of tank furnace.

2. The quality requirements of glass.

3. Production capacity, selection quantity of melting rate and melting temperature.

4. Heat preservation situation, in order to save fuel to adopt heat preservation in which parts.

5. Economy efficiency, investment quantity.

When choosing high quality fused cast AZS, need to satisfy the use requirement, ensure the economy efficiency of tank furnace, easy to manufacture.

1. To ensure that the use requirement, build up the glass tank furnace with various fused cast AZS should satisfy the following basic requirements:

(1). Should have high softening, melting temperature, average refractoriness is not lower than 1580 .

(2). Have enough mechanical strength, resistance to impact, friction, high temperature and high speed flames, the smoke of scour and other mechanical action.

(3). High temperature structural strength is good, can bear long-term mechanical load at the operating temperatures.

(4). Have strong resistance to match of the molten material components, the molten glass and gaseous substances erosion.

(5). Pollution of the glass is small.

(6). The thermal shock resistance is good.

(7). High temperature volume stability is good, residual shrinkage or expansion is small.

(8). Heat capacity, thermal expansion and thermal conductivity can meet the use requirement.

2. To ensure the economy efficiency of tank furnace

Choose fused cast AZS  should pay attention to starting from actual, thoroughly studies the service life balance of tank furnace parts fused cast AZS, with less investment to achieve greater economic effects. Fully guarantee the economy efficiency of glass tank and the service life balance of the whole tank furnace.

3. Easy to product and when choosing fused cast AZS, to unify both two aspects of using and manufacturing. The brick type, size standardization of fused cast AZS promote the production development of fused cast AZS, easy to realize standard of glass tank furnace design, also is advantageous to the construction and maintenance. The cost of the S&P shaped brick can usually saves 30-50% than heterotypic brick.