Ceramic fiber blanket is to use a special aluminum silicate ceramic fiber filament to process through special double needle punching technology. After processing the double needle technology, has greatly increased the degree of fiber mixed, delamination resistance, tensile strength and surface flatness of ceramic fiber blanket. Ceramic fiber blanket does not contain any organic combination agent, to ensure that the fiber blanket can have good build and stability under high and low temperature and different working conditions.

Ceramic fiber blanket’s application scope is extremely broad, aerospace, steel, petrochemical, military equipment, industrial kilns and other high temperature heat insulation effect in different areas, the application of fiber blanket in pipe insulation is the most frequent, the following is consideration standards of ceramic fiber blanket in pipe insulation.

1. Weather ability: the pros and cons of weather ability decide whether ceramic fiber blanket can chronically give play to high temperature heat insulation effect with the main pipe.

2. Thermal conductivity coefficient:  thermal conductivity coefficient is an important index to decide the pros and cons of ceramic fiber blanket insulation performance. Thermal resistance of fiber blanket is the greater, the thermal insulation property of material is more obvious, fiber blanket on either side of the temperature difference is bigger.

3. Tensile strength: ceramic fiber blanket products installed will directly face the insulation system itself gravity and wind power and other external forces, reasonable technical structure and mating materials have a key role to solve tensile ability of fiber blanket insulation system.

4. The size and stability of fiber blanket: after ceramic fiber blanket installation, if the size of fiber blanket is not stable, can make the pipe insulation systems easier to cracking and deformation problem, stay safe hidden trouble.