Ceramic Fiber Blanket is the clay clinker of high purity, alumina powder, silica powder and other raw materials melting in high temperature furnace, forming fluid. Fiber cotton can be further processed into fiber blanket, board, paper, cloth, rope and other products. Turn out to be an efficient heat insulation material, with the characteristics of light weight, high strength, oxidation resistance, low thermal conductivity, good flexibility, corrosion resistant, small heat capacity and sound insulation, etc.

Ceramic fiber blanket made from ceramic fiber as the raw material, in recent years become each big kiln dedicated furnace lining materials, because of its simplicity and easy construction, and heat insulation effect is better, become a required insulation material of kiln company. The adiabatic temperature can reach more than 1600 degrees, greatly satisfy the needs of the user.

Energy shortage, various cost increase, are the necessity of  industrialization process, has the construction application of the energy-saving insulation materials, for the enterprise, it is the top priority in development, ceramic fiber blanket improves the conservation of thermal efficiency, but for some special kilns, due to the particularity of chemicals, may temporarily can't use ceramic fiber blanket as insulation materials. Therefore, the development and application of ceramic fiber blanket was further improved.