Ceramic fiber blanket’s product instructions: the production of ceramic fiber blanket adopts the international advanced melt blowing technology, its products can satisfy you in the use of various thermal devices.

The company has 1000 ~ 1600 refractory ceramic fiber series products technology, Chinese market share of 35%, products and business scope have:

1. 1000 ~ 1500 acupuncture blanket products.

2. 1000 ~ 1600 vacuum suction forming different products.

3. Refractory (ceramic) fiber products application of all kinds of accessories, etc.

The product features of ceramic fiber blanket:

Low conductivity coefficient, low heat storage, good heat insulation performance.

Thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance, crystallization of pulverization resistance.

Good sound insulation performance and setbacks resistance.

Under the condition of high temperature ,  fiber has good elasticity, little shrink.

Convenient to process and install.

The application scope of ceramic fiber blanket:

Industrial kiln, electric boiler, oil decomposition furnace lining, the heat pipe heat insulation.


Building heat insulation, fire prevention, sound-absorbing.