Fused Cast AZS Block concrete production process is as follows:

1. Formulated fused zirconium corundum material

The excellent performance of high purity fused zirconium corundum material, weighing mixed together, make the performance of the raw materials are fully used. material, weighing mixed together, make the performance of the raw materials are fully used.

2. melting fused zirconium corundum

Will cooperate with fused zircon corundum material add to the automatic control of electric arc furnace, melting at the best possible conditions. With single phase or three phase arc furnace molten melt temperature should be moderate, the batch of low temperature will not be made highly uniform melt, are apt to form porous body castings, make the  fused cast products pores and cracks, contract also increases accordingly, make the products form a larger shrinkage cavity.

3. Pouring

The molten material specially designed injection mold products. Fused cast made dense structure and use of the good performance of fused brick. With appropriate hot melt casting, casting out of the shrinkage cavity concentration of zirconium corundum brick, the dense zone thickness increases, the density of the products also increased. But when overheating degree is high, although the melt density is increased, but the products forming cracks and large shrinkage.

4. Annealing

After casting a good brick and to slow cooling, make  zirconium corundum block made of crystal growth and form the best structure.

5. The surface processing

Using precision machining equipment to make products fused cast AZS block processing into comply with the design requirements of accurate size. Mechanical processing can improve the quality of fused brick and prolong its service life.

6. Inspection


Each piece of fused cast AZS block is strict visual inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the contract standard.