The variety quality of refractory materials has a big relationship with production process. The same raw material using different process, can produce need different varieties and quality of products.

The production process of generally block burned into refractory brick:

1. Raw materials

Make different refractory products, need to adopt different chemical mineral composition of raw materials.

Refractory products demand for raw materials are: suitable chemical mineral composition and content of impurities in raw material: fewer and uniform distribution. Facilitate mining processing and manufacturing, and lower cost.

2. The raw material processing

Raw material processing including mineral separation, drying, burning, crushing and screening.

3. Ingredients and mix practice (mixed)

Ingredients are the raw materials (large, medium and small three kinds of particles, raw material and clinker), additive (binder, mineralizer) and water to coordinate according to certain proportion.

4. Molding and drying

The purpose of molding is to make the refractory products with specification density, appearance size and strength. Molding methods can be divided into new moon and semi-dry forming. Metallurgical industry to use the most is the half dry molding in refractory products.