The refractoriness of mullite insulation brick is very high. The highest can resist high temperature of 1800 degrees Celsius, but when from 1600 to 1700 degrees Celsius, heat preservation brick will begin to soften, will not burn. And then it also has a high degree of pressure, presumably in the 260 M/pa. Mullite brick is to adopt high quality high purity refractory powder, according to the requirements of products, to add the organic composite fillers, by vacuum extrusion forming, through high temperature sintering synthetic complex lightweight mullite product.

1. Low thermal conductivity, have very good heat insulation effect.

2. Mullite insulating brick low melt, due to the low thermal conductivity, the accumulation of mullite series light insulating brick has little heat, energy saving effect is obvious in the intermittent operation.

3. Low content of impurities, with very low content of iron boxes alkali metal oxide, therefore, refractoriness is high. Higher aluminum content makes it still keep good performance under the reducing atmosphere.


4. The thermal stage crushing strength of mullite insulation brick is high.