The installation steps of Ceramic fiber module:

1. Scrap rust: before construction, steel structure party need scrap rust to the furnace wall copper plate, in order to meet the welding requirements.

2. Wiring: according to the design drawings as shown in the ceramic fiber module arrangement, pay off on the wall board, mark the welding points of anchor bolt arrangement.

3. Welding bolts: according to the design, welding the corresponding length of bolt on the furnace wall board according to the requirements of welding, when welding, should take protective measures to the bolt thread part, shall not  splash down welding slag to the part of the bolt screw thread, and ensure the welding quality.

4. Smear high-temperature and anticorrosive coating layer: according to the provisions of the design drawings, on the wall plates and bolts' root evenly welds high temperature anticorrosive coating layer, the coating thickness according to 3 kg/m2. When brushing, should take the protection measures to bolt thread part, must not splash down coating to the part of the bolt screw thread.

5. Tile carpet installation: laid the first layer of fiber blanket, and then laid the second fiber blanket, a stagger volume of joints should be no less than 100 mm. For the convenience of construction, furnace roof tile need make rapid card to make temporary fixed.

6. The installation of module

7. The installation of compensate carpet


8. Lining repair: finish the whole lining installed, from top to bottom for renovation.